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Vacation Starts Tomorrow

Trip time is finally here, we leave tomorrow. Last minute packing, organizing, humm what did I forget? Ah, rest and relaxation. I'm looking forward to the beach with the heat of summer here baking us. Yeah!

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Travel time is near

The time to leave is almost here, four more days to be exact. Now is the time to run around with last minute preparations making sure you didn't forget something. You always forget something. I've made my list and checked it countless times. I'm very excited.

A good friend of mine who has traveled a bit tells me that I won't be the same when I return from my trip. He's probably right. You can't not be changed by an experience of going to another country, seeing different people and seeing different things. Not sure how much more travel this will inspire me to do but I do think I would like to see more.

I will be taking many pictures in Costa Rica, some with my little Elvis figurene, so look for them soon.

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Vacation time is near

countdown to trip

It's been a little while since my last post, been a little busy. We leave in 16 days for Costa Rica, I can't wait. I've compiled my "take" list. We are traveling light so it will have to be re-checked. Been shopping at REI for a few last minute travel things. I just bought one of those bendy camara tripods, attaches to anything.

I'm looking forward to the pools and the beaches, it has become very hot here in LV, just like being in an oven. We've been told by a friend who lives there that Arenel has been a bit active. Should make for some good pics. I plan to take many and post them as we go for the ones at home who couldn't go with us. I came up with a wacky idea for some pics. I have purchased an Elvis figure to place in pictures, something like the traveling gnome. I have taken it on some mountain bike rides annd taken some pics. It works well. It's to be a little crazy and lighthearted. Look for the Las Vegas Elvis soon.

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An Extra Day Trip Destination

My friend and I have realized we have an extra day during our upcomming trip to Costa Rica. On our way back to San Jose to fly home we are going to try riding to Montezuma along the southern edge of the Nicoya Peninsula. The thing is, the road isn't paved. My map shows it as "secondary dirt road" read: dirt trail. I sometimes ride dirt roads while mountain biking but not much on a street motorcycle, should make for a challenging ride. I Google mapped it and got an up and around route to get there. Depending on the weather in July, we may have to go this route instead of along the coast as we are hoping to go. Rain will turn the road to mud and therefore impassable.

Montezuma appears to have an end-of-the-road feel to it. Nothing moves fast and no one really wants to leave it. Bohemian. After reading about it in my Lonely Planet book, I think I have to see this place. There are also some waterfalls to visit near town. We plan on visiting a few waterfalls before our vacation is over.

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Previous trip pictures

I have posted some of my friends previous Costa Rican vacation pictures. These show just a bit of Costa Rica's beauty. It will be a little while before I can post my own pictures.

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