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Our Vacation Is Over

We returned from Costa Rica last Tuesday, I really didn't want to leave. The weather was perfect, it did rain everyday but I live in the desert and grew up in the North East so I miss rain a lot. Biggest decisions to make was ocean or pool first and where are we going to eat? We did some tourist things in Arenal region, Hanging Bridges and La Fortuna Waterfall. I will vist more waterfalls when I go again they are that beautiful. The ocean was the best part. We fell asleep listening to it and woke up to it too. We stayed at the Treehouse Inn in Samara, easily the best place in town to stay, the guide book was right. The employees were great too, very nice. The speed of life is much slower down there not like here in the States. Going into vacation mode was very easy. Great scenery and people. Samara has a lot of expats and tourists but it's still a great place. The power went out the first day we were there so we took a walk around the town to look around. Quite a contrast there is, animals walking around by themselves, monkeys in the trees, houses of the locals. A horse walked by us on a dirt road on his way to graze in the field.

We started every morning with a walk on the beach to see what got washed up on the beach over night. I got some nice shells and we saw a few crabs in the surf. We even watched a dog chasing a crab one morning. You have to watch the early morning sun, I got a good burn from it. I have a few iguana pics, they are like squirrels they are everywhere. The main street in town has a lot of street venders. Some have set stands while others just tables on the street. The coolest stuff was on the tables by the taxi stand. Some Rasta and Gypsy vendors with their hand made jewlery were set up there. They were making stuff as we walked by them each day. The local school had various driftwood "trees" decorated around town. Colorful creations with shells and plastic bottle fish hanging from them. Yet this is still a third world country, things are very different here.

The food was good everywhere we went. Costa Rica is not known for spectacular food but the basic stuff is great. I have taken a liking to gallo pinto and fried plantains. We stopped at a few roadside sodas and I had a fair amount of the stuff. Also there is something about eating food and drinking with your feet in the sand. Bourdain is right, this is how it should be. No shoes were needed at the beachfront resturants and bars. We saw a few dogs while we ate and a couple of cats too. We watched a waitor step over a dog repeatedly as he worked, never would have happened is the US.

The last night in town was unusually wet. Thunder and lightning and a downpour. We walked into town for dinner on a road in the dark and rain. It was peaceful. After dinner the tree frogs were quite vocal. Sitting in the resturant without solid walls, most don't have them it's all open air, it was hard to belive we were in Central America.

We never made it to Montezuma. Too much rain and not enough time in the schedule. I would like to go there another time. I'm going to plan on going to Cosat Rica again and maybe stay a bit longer. I now have to go thru my pics and post some more, I have so many. I miss Costa Rica already.

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What day is it?


It´s Friday and we have been here since Tuesday. We have gone to two bars and two resturants with no shoes!! Bourdain is right, nothing like eating food with your feet in the sand. We have had incrediable food here. Horses walked past the resturant we had our toes in the sand at last night, a good bbq joint.

We rented sea kayaks and paddled to a small island across from the beach, only iguanas and hermet crabs live there. We feed the iguanas pineapple, our snack from the guide with us. The sea was rough so snorkleing was rough too. We paddles back to shore and flipped both kayaks in the surf just off the beach. Finally bought some fresh fruit from a vendor, can´t get it this good in Vegas. I don´t miss the dry heat. Only a few days left before we have to head home, I will have to plan another trip soon.

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We Made It To Playa Samara

We left the Arenal region this morning, we didn´t get rained on until we reached the coast. The roads were good with lots of small towns along the way. We would see run down houses with lush plants right next to nice houses along the way. Stray dogs wander around everywhere here, it´s sad the number of them. If I lived here I would adopt a few.

It started to rain after lunch so we went into the ocean and played in the waves. It was fun. We walked around town looking around, very surfer Samara is. I think I will go back to our treehouse and them back into the ocean.

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Last day in La Fortuna

We have been in La Fortuna since yesterday. We stayed at a hotel on the slope of an active volcano but nothing has come out but smoke. It has rained each afternoon almost like clockwork. Needless to say we have been wet almost the whole time we have been here. We vistied the Hanging Bridges near Lake Arnel this morning and hiked to the La Fortuna waterfall this afternoon. Both were very fun with a lot to see. I have taken lots of pictures that I will upload in a day or two after we get to the next stop, Samara. A trip here is a must thing to do for anyone who likes to travel. Yesterday we ate at a roadside Soda and had some really good food. Everywhere we have stopped the people have been very nice and helpful to us with directions and some little stuff we needed for the motorcycle.

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We Are Here In Costa Rica

After a long flight and a long layover in Denver we are here and it is raining for about the 4th time today. We have gotten wet a few times but it has been fun. I have some pics to post.

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